Facts about testosterone and testosterone supplements

The word “testosterone” often brings the thought of aggressive behavior to the mind of many people. Although in competitive circumstances, there is a relationship between the two, for example, with a peer or a sexual partner.

Male hormones such as testosterone supplements acts as performance boosters, can shrink the testicles and can cause the breasts to grow in men. On the other hand, it can trigger a deeper voice, enlarge the clitoris, damage hair from the head, and cause hair to grow on the body and face of women. Also, misusing testosterone supplements can cause acne, aggression, mood swings, and other problems in both genders.

Men and women taking the acceptable amount of the supplement or under the supervision of an experienced doctor are unlikely to have symptoms of testosterone overdose.

Research shows that a man’s testosterone levels rises in the run-up to a competition, whether it’s be wrestling or chess. At the end of the game, the winner’s testosterone will increase even more. Also, the levels of a fan’s hormones seem to reflect that of their athletic favorites. For instance, if a group of 21 men watches a Brazil vs. Italy World Cup match where the Brazil team won, the Brazil fans’ testosterone levels will increase while the Italy fans’ testosterone decreased.

Other facts about the “male hormone” are listed below:

· It can cause the belly to shrink.
· It is responsible for the growth of the penis, scrotum and testes during puberty in male.
· It stimulates hair growth – particularly in the pubic area, face, chest, and, sometimes, the back.
· It formulates the functional sperm
· It enlarges the larynx (voice box) which causes the deepening of the voice.
· It increases basal (resting) metabolic rate.
· It increases the thickness and darkness of the skin.
· It increases sex drive or libido.
· It increases red blood cell count and the total blood volume.
· It promotes sodium and water retention in the kidney.
· It increases muscle protein synthesis which can result in an increased muscle mass.
· It reduces the breakdown of muscle glycogen during exercises.
· It increases calcium retention in the bone.
· It decreases the growth of hair on the head.
· It increases the activities of the sebaceous (sweat) glands, which sometimes results in acne.
· It narrows and strengthens the pelvis.