What are the Causes of Reduced Sex Drive

Reduced Sex Drive

One of the common problems that affect many couples is the loss of libido or sex drive. It is natural that the libido changes as there is no normal libido. Many people use testosterone supplements to improve sex drive. However, if your lack of sexual arousal is distressing and it already affects your relationship, it is important to know the exact cause of the problem so you can have proper treatment.

Relationship Problems

One of the causes of reduced libido is your conflicts. Are you currently facing problems, or do you have worries and doubts that could result to low sexual desire? Are you still happy with your partner? Unresolved conflict or difficulty trusting one another can lead to decreased sex drive.

Stress or Exhaustion

Stress or exhaustion can affect your mood, happiness, and sex drive. If you are always tired and stressed, you may want to consider changing your lifestyle to improve your relationship with your partner.

Depression or Anxiety

Depression also affects your relationship not only with your partner but with the other people around you. It can also interfere with your daily tasks as the feelings of extreme unhappiness do not seem to disappear (http://www.testosteronebasso.org/sintomi-testosterone-alto/).

Low Testosterone Level

As we age, the levels of sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) fall. Low level of testosterones means less sexual desire. Some men find relief with testosterone supplements, which are effective in increasing the level of testosterone. These supplements also help in building muscles, improving strength and elevating the mood.


Drinking too much alcohol can result in sex drive loss. It is best to cut down your alcohol consumption and get support from someone when needed.

Health Conditions

Medical conditions can also reduce one’s sex drive. It can be caused by the side effect of medication or emotional or physical strain. Some health conditions that can reduce libido are:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Surgery
  • Underactive thyroid

Each cause of reduced sex drive has its own treatment. If the cause is psychological such as stress and anxiety, you may need to have sex therapy. If the problem is low level of testosterone, you can take testosterone supplements. Health conditions require medical attention.

The Pros & Cons of Testosterone Supplements

The Pros & Cons of Testosterone Supplements

If you are having second thoughts about getting yourself a bottle of testosterone supplement, you can go down to the bottom and weigh all the pros and cons of taking these T boosters. It is true that testosterone supplements provide numerous benefits in the body, but there are also few side effects.

Before we start, here is an introduction about testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and it plays a major role in the male reproductive tissues’ development. That includes the prostate, testis, bone mass, muscle gain, and body hair. As men age, their bodies produce less testosterone. This may lead to lower energy, decreased sex drive, difficulty building muscles and strength, brain fog, and erectile problems (http://www.testosteronebasso.it/come-aumentare-il-testosterone/).

Testosterone supplements can increase the level of testosterone in order to reverse these problems. It is still important to be aware of the pros and cons of taking these boosters.

PROS of Testosterone Supplements

  1. Natural ingredients – Testosterone supplements contain natural ingredients. The most common ingredients used are magnesium, vitamin B, zinc, and fenugreek. The ingredients included in these supplements are the same herbs used for centuries to increase manliness. These natural herbs are extracted to make them even more effective.
  2. Accessibility – You can purchase testosterone supplements in many retail stores. There are also many products available online. You can easily get it anytime and anywhere you are.
  3. Safe and works well with the body – Testosterone supplements are considered safe because of their natural ingredients. It also helps the body produce more hormones for the improvement of physical performances. Most health-conscious people also prefer taking T supplements instead of infections.
  4. Manliness Booster – These supplements contain ingredients that help in building muscles and enhancing the strength, increases sex drive, elevates the mood, and many others.

CONS of Testosterone Supplements

  1. Too high testosterone levels – Too much production of the T hormone may lead to unwanted side effects, including hair loss, acne, and mood swings.
  2. Scams – There are many T-supplements out there that do not deliver the results because they are badly made. Because many men are willing to get their supplements right away, some manufacturers take advantage of this and make cheap products that are ineffective. Low-quality supplements may contain synthetics and fillers.

Before you purchase testosterone supplements, it is best to consider the pros and cons. If you have decided to get one, make sure that you will buy quality and not quantity to get your desired results.

Testosterone and Honesty – Are They Connected?

A series of scientific experiments have shown that the hormone testosterone reduced, for reasons unknown, the desire or need to lie, inform lefigaro.fr.

Is lying really based on a biological explanation, especially hormonal? This is the conclusion of a recent study published in PLoS One, conducted by researchers at Bonn University in Germany and that, by virtue of testosterone would stimulate people’s honesty.

honest men have high testosteroneTestosterone is considered a male hormone par excellence. This anabolic steroid natural controls sexual function, muscle mass, blood cell production, energy in the body. Women produce them as well, but in much smaller quantities, even if the scale of entire population, the highest concentrations recorded in women can sometimes exceed the lowest levels recorded in some men (hier).

Testosterone has also reputed to increase aggression, risky behaviors and simulation capability. For this reason altogether surprising that testosterone seems to have a positive role in social behavior by encouraging honesty.

To reach this conclusion, Professor Armin Falk and his colleagues turned to 91 male volunteers who were in good health. They were divided into two groups: in the first, 46 men received in the form of a gel applied to the skin, a dose of testosterone, and in the second group, 45 men were given a placebo gel without testosterone. The next day, the researchers measured blood concentrations of testosterone.

The volunteers were then asked to throw the dice in individual cabins. They had to introduce the value of each throw in a computer. The higher the score was the higher amounts they received for their participation in this experiment. Only the person who rolls the dice knew if he lied or not when introduced score computer. But researchers have yet to figure out which of the two groups lied more.

“Statistically, the probability that the dice fall on each of its sides is the same,” explained Professor Bernd Weber, co-author of the study. “If there is a group that there is a drift towards the higher numbers, then we know that participants lied,” he added.

“Clearly, the volunteers treated with testosterone lied less significant compared to those receiving placebo gels,” Professor Armin Falk concluded. Why? Here, researchers resort to conjecture. “Although we have confidence in the results of this study, explaining them is another matter. It seems that testosterone acts on pride, self-esteem and the need to have a positive self-image,” explained Bernd Weber.

Testosterone supplements

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in the body primarily to boost sexual desire, sperm production, bone density, and muscle mass. It is produced both by men and women, but more in men (in the same way women produce more estrogen than men). A dip in the level of this hormone in men can result into a dip in the sexual desires in men which can cause depression and damage to intimate relationships. It is therefore normal for people to seek therapy when such occurs.

As revealed by Mayo Clinic testosterone therapy (such as supplement) is recommended for people with hypogonadism, a condition that arises when the body is unable to produce enough testosterone as required. Nevertheless, there are a number of risks linked to the use of these supplements (http://www.testosteronerhöhen.de), and the long-term safety is unclear. Additionally, there is little to suggest that men whose testosterone levels fall within the average 300 to 900 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) would benefit from the therapy.

Eisenberg, an experienced doctor also mentions what’s called the free testosterone, which measures the amount of the active hormones in the body at a given time. A man whose total T level is within the normal range is still prone to show some classic symptoms of a low T if the measurements of his free testosterone comes up short. Morgentaler also states that a decrease in the level is almost entirely linked to sex difficulties, and there is no doubt that testosterone supplements can rejuvenate a man’s sexual desire in addition to his ability to maintain an erection. Morgentaler further says that it can reinstate the “wow” factor to a man’s orgasms.

Although a decrease in testosterone levels could cause loss of sex drive in men, there can be many other factors which is not limited to life stresses or relationship problems. Therefore, it is important to ask a doctor for testing in order to realize if supplementation is necessary.

Escalada en hielo

La escalada en hielo es una modalidad de escalada realizada sobre una superficie cubierta de hielo o nieve dura que por su dificultad y peligro requiera el uso de equipamiento especial que mas adelante describiremos.

Es un deporte que presenta una gran dificultad y peligro dada las grandes pendientes a las que los escaladores deben ascender. La dificultad y el peligro de esta modalidad, a diferencia de la escalada en tierra, esta en el peligro que nos propone la nieve y el hielo.

La mayor o menor peligrosidad y dificultad esta marcada por la inclinación de la pared y por el estado de dureza de la nieve, que va desde la nieve banda hasta el hielo puro.

El equipamiento necesario para realizar la ascensión es parecido al de la escalda en roca aunque presenta algunas diferencias. A continuación te mostramos el equipamiento recomendado para realizar escalada enhielo :

– Botas
– Crampones
– Guetres, garlochas o polainas
– Piolet
– Ropa
– Cuerda
– Clavos
– Estacas y anclas
– Improvisados
– Anclajes para roca

Además de todos estos materiales de seguridad específicos para la escalada en hielo, se utilizan otros, al igual que en las tras modalidades de escalada. Cintas y cordinos, mosquetones y espress, arnés, dispositivos de bloqueo, disipadores y descensores.

Tecnicas de escalada en hielo

En temporada invernal numerosas cascadas de hielo comienzan a tomar forma. Es el momento de poner a punto nuestras herramientas y de recorrer estos senderos de hielo practicando la escalada en hielo.

Técnica normal de escalada: En paredes, cascadas y tubos verticales, el aseguramiento de la cordada será prácticamente similar que en todos los tipos de escalada y básicamente es el siguiente:Escalada en hielo

Quien va en primer lugar va poniendo los seguros y pasando la cuerda por los mosquetones, de este modo queda asegurado por el segundo de la cordada desde abajo.

Quienes vienen detrás del primero en la cordada, suben asegurados por el primero desde arriba por la misma cuerda. El último de la cordada debe retirar las fijaciones que puedan ser recuperables para utilizar en otro ascenso.

Ascensión en ensamble: la ascensión de ensamble se realiza en casos en que la inclinación de la pared es débil y no hay hielo.

Ademas se aplica en la escalada en hielo cuando la ascensión se vuelve un poco más sencilla. Los escaladores deben seguir encordados, ascendiendo uno a la vez, separados al menos 5 m, y con la cuerda recogida en una mano.

En el caso de que un escalador caiga, se soltará la cuerda libre de ambos y el otro escalador, rápidamente deberá clavar el piolet hasta el fondo y pasar la cuerda por su cruz o su astil con el objetivo de detener a quien se desliza tras la caída del otro compañero. Mientras tanto, el escalador que cae deberá intentar detenerse con su propio piolet.

Canoas y kayak

Canoas y kayakEl canotaje, o también conocido como piragüismo, es una disciplina que se practica en las aguas, montado sobre embarcaciones ligeras, generalmente de madera, fibra de vidrio o plástico, y que es impulsada por personas con palas (1, 2 o 4 personas).

Para la práctica del canotaje se utilizan distintos tipos de embarcaciones. Las principales embarcaciones utilizadas son las canoas y el kayak. El kayak propulsado por pala de 2 hojas y la canoa propulsada por una pala de una hoja.

Existen diferentes modalidades de canotaje, dependiendo del número de personas que monten sobre la embarcación o de la superficie acuática sobre la que se desarrolle.

A continuación te mostramos todas las deferentes modalidades de canotaje que actualmente se mantienen como deporte olímpico:

– Aguas tranquilas.
– Aguas bravas.
– Kayak-polo: Deporte jugado sobre kayaks individuales con cierta similitud al waterpolo.
– Kayak de mar.
– Piragüismo turístico.
– Dragones.

Para cada una de estas modalidades, existe un tipo de diferentes canoas y kayak que se adaptan a cada una de las competencias.